Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I don't like rebuy tournaments.

Unfortunately this afternoon I wasn't paying attention and signed up for a $5 rebuy tournament on TonyG.

I hate the looseness of play that rebuys encourage, and the fact that you make a good call, bust someone out, and they buy straight back in again. As this was a guaranteed £150 prize pool with 12 entries, the rebuys did nothing for the final money, just dragged out the whole tournament.

Then comes the break, and the add-ons. You've really got to go for the add-on, because everybody else left in does. So you maintain the status quo.

However, despite my dislike of rebuys, I came second in this tournament, without having to rebuy myself. $34 prize, so a decent profit for an hours play. I might have won it, but I was running out of time towards the end, so I went all in with a marginal hand and lost most of my stack. I then doubled up 3 times, but finally busted out.