Friday, November 30, 2007

Stephen Fry, supergeek.

I recently stumbled across actor/presenter Stephen Fry's new blog. It really isn't what I would have expected. It is nearly all tech related. He owns a load of Macs, and also runs Ubuntu, Red Hat and Yellow dog linux distributions. He talks knowledgeably about the history of PDAs and smartphones, he compares the Palm OS to Pocket Windows, and writes scathing reviews of new media playing phones. As a result of the blog he's even been given a tech column in the Guardian.

His latest post is a review of a clockwork mp3 player!

Mansion Update

My free $20 is now up to $65. Shortly after my previous post on the subject, my bankroll started dribbling away alarmingly - I couldn't hit a flop, and my bluffs weren't coming off. However, over the last week things have changed.

It started, strangely enough, with me losing a full $10 buy-in at the 0.05/.10 cash tables within 5 minutes of sitting down. Now, normally if I lose a buy-in I stop playing, to limit my losses, however, this time, I didn't. I bought straight back in again, and with half an hour I had won my $10 back plus another 10. Most of it came from two people. The table nearly broke up, and for quite a long time there was only 3 of us playing. One guy kept buying in with just $1, I presume to minimise risk, but I just kept taking that dollar off him, and he'd buy in again. I think that happened at least 6 times. The other guy at the table had around $15 at the start of this session, and I took most of that.

I am staying away from the SNGs. I just can't seem to make any headway there at all. The cash games, whilst providing less opportunity for one big win, allow me to steadily grind away, taking two steps forward, one back, without the tilt provoking bad beats which finish you off in a tourney.

If I get the bank roll up to $100, I'll probably step up a level. At the level I am playing now it is a matter of playing ABC poker. Don't get too clever, because it can go straight over the heads of a lot of the people at the table, They just keep calling, and they'll catch something on the river. Of course whenever you get dealt AA in the big blind, everyone folds pre-flop.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another door opens...

Back in January I wrote about the company I have worked for since I graduated 16 years ago being taken over by a large public company, and how I applied for, and narrowly missed getting, a General Manager's position at another site within the group.

Well now the General Manager's post at the site I work where I work is becoming vacant. It's sad in a way, because it means someone I've worked with for the last 12 years is leaving, but, it's an opportunity for me. I've been told by two other managers at the site that I should apply (people that report to the GM), also by some of the people that report to me now. Perhaps part of that is "Better the Devil you know!" but it is encouraging.

My CV didn't need much updating, since I'd done that in January, so the day after the vacancy was listed, my application was in. Closing date isn't until the end of the month, so I will be stewing for a while yet.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The £100 PC

Actually it's $199, and only available at Walmart in the States, but, this is a great package. It does it by running Linux rather than Windows. It doesn't need all the power just to run the operating system, so can be built from cheaper components. From the reviews on the website, it's won some converts to Linux. It has sold out online, but if you're in the US and want one, you might be able to pick one up in store.

Bad beats and royal flush draws.

Kat and Burnley Mik both been on the wrong end of a bad beat (Mik have you upset someone in another life, that is one hell of a run?).

Meanwhile, things have been going well for me over at Mansion. The $20 the gave me a few days ago is now $46, just from playing the $0.05/0.10 no limit cash tables. Hands like this certainly help!

*** Blind Bet Round *** :
rastaralle2 : Post Blind ($0.05)
-tordy- : Post Blind ($0.10)
TonyV1885 : Post Blind ($0.10)
Dealt to Hero: Ah
Dealt to Hero: Jh
*** Pre-Flop *** :
david-jr : Call ($0.10)
LECSO7373 : Fold
Lisa_K38 : Fold
jonna92 : Fold
TonyV1885 : Check
PeTiKe22 : Call ($0.10)
Hero: Bet ($0.35)
nmseg72 : Call ($0.35)
rastaralle2 : Fold
-tordy- : Fold
david-jr : Call ($0.25)
TonyV1885 : Fold
PeTiKe22 : Call ($0.25)
*** Flop *** : Qh 10h 8d
david-jr : Check
PeTiKe22 : Bet ($0.25)
Hero: Raise ($1.50)
nmseg72 : Call ($1.50)
david-jr : Call ($1.50)
PeTiKe22 : Fold
*** Turn *** : [ Qh 10h 8d ] Ks

david-jr : Check
Hero: Bet ($7.35)
Hero: All In ($7.35)
nmseg72 : Call ($5.65)
nmseg72 : All In ($5.65)
david-jr : Call ($3.70)
david-jr : All In ($3.70)
Dealt to Hero: Ah
Dealt to Hero: Jh
Dealt to nmseg72: 10s
Dealt to nmseg72: 4s
Dealt to david-jr: 6h
Dealt to david-jr: Kh
*** River *** : [ Qh 10h 8d Ks ] Ac

*** SUMMARY ***
Pot: $22.10 | Rake: $1
Board: [ Qh 10h 8d Ks Ac ]
LECSO7373 lost $0
Lisa_K38 lost $0
jonna92 lost $0
TonyV1885 lost $0.10
PeTiKe22 lost $0.60
Hero bet $9.20, collected $22.10, net $12.90 Shows [ Ah Jh ] (a straight, Ace high)
nmseg72 lost $7.50 Shows [ 10s 4s ] (a pair of tens)
rastaralle2 lost $0.05
-tordy- lost $0.10
david-jr lost $5.55 Shows [ 6h Kh ] (a pair of Kings)

It's a lovely feeling when you're all in on the turn, the cards show, and everyone else is drawing dead. Of course, the decision to go all-in would have been much less stressful if the King on the turn had been a heart but, as that was in one of the other guy's hands, that wasn't to be.

I looked back at my history on Mansion from last time I played here, and I did well then too. For some strange reason I withdrew my roll and moved it all to Pokerstars! I think I'll see how far I can take my free $20. Next stop $100!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Money for Nothing..

.. but no chicks ;)

Mansion have given me $20 to go back and play on their site. It's probably 12 months since I last played there. I had a reasonable amout of success, but I eventually withdrew my roll and moved it to 'Stars.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I've re-installed the Mansion software, and am giving it a try.

There's a new, clean looking user interface, but, unlike Pokerstars, the size seems to be fixed. The range of games is also more limited than 'Stars. Anyway, I'll give it a go, and see if I can turn a profit.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Maudie's new home

Maudie has moved her blog to Drop in a say hi.