Wednesday, September 26, 2007


No, not the '70s film starring David Essex, but the book (and now film) by Neil Gaiman.

I got the book this evening, and, whilst my daughter was doing circuit training, I sat in the gym and read the first half of the book non-stop. The words leap off the page and form wonderful pictures in the mind's eye. I think it will be one of those books that I will be very sad to finish.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hot and Cold

I managed to fit the Sunday night Bloggerment in this week. I had registered the previous week, but unregistered just before the start, as I was just too tired to see it through

I surprised myself by making it through to 5th place. Not in the cash, but considering the way my tourney play has been going recently, it was pretty good. I was card dead for most of the game, and I eventually reached the stage of having to push to stay ahead of the blinds.

I seemed very quiet, then I realised that Burnley Mik was on holiday.

I am spending most of my poker playing time in the cash games, where I am very slowly building my bank roll (need to resist donking it off again in the SNGs!) I'm trying to wait for the premium hands, and maximise what I can get from those hands. I do throw the occasional bluff in, which, as I establish a tight image, generally come off. I'm generally seeing less than 20% of the flops.

I'm hoping to be a bit less tired in the future, as, at work, we are recruiting, so some of the more tedious and repetitive work I do will get passed over to somebody new, and this should let me concentrate on the more interesting areas. As my wife is still ill (another MRI scan this weekend) I can't afford to be knackered all the time.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bloggerment 24

Played my first bloggerment for a month tonight. Spent an hour and a half completely card dead. I saw 10 flops out of 110 hands dealt. With the blinds eating away at my stack, I finally went for it with KTo, and found myself up against Mike's pair of 8s. A flop of 6 7 9 gave us both straight draws, and made my ten useless for making up a pair. A ten on the turn gave Mike his straight and put me out in 12th.

Welcome to biakkax, getting up at 5am in Japan to play poker with us!