Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why don't they fold?

Continuing my efforts at bank roll building on Mansion, I've got stuck in the $60-$70 region. I'm playing $0.05/$0.10 cash games. The problem I'm having at the moment is the idiots who chase their draws to the river. However, it does sometimes work to my advantage. The following hand is an example. I know the guy will see a flop with any rubbish (having previously been beaten by his 8 3o!

Hero posts blind ($0.05), .jackrymer68 posts blind ($0.10).

Mejram folds, IceManQQQ folds, sebequino calls $0.10, xrajka calls $0.10, Hibachi13 folds, joza111 folds, Baggers59 folds, Hero bets $0.35, .jackrymer68 calls $0.30, sebequino calls $0.30, xrajka calls $0.30.

FLOP [board cards: QS,7S,9C ]
Hero bets $1.50, .jackrymer68 folds, sebequino calls $1.50, xrajka folds.

TURN [board cards: QS,7S,9C,7C ]
Hero bets $2.95 and is all-in, sebequino calls $2.95.

RIVER [board cards: QS,7S,9C,7C,5D ]

Hero shows [ QC,KC ]
sebequino shows [ 8C,TC ]
Hero wins $10.
Dealer: Baggers59
Pot: $10.50, (including rake: $0.50)
Hero. bets $4.85, collects $10, net $5.15
.jackrymer68, loses $0.40
Mejram, loses $0
IceManQQQ, loses $0
sebequino, loses $4.85
xrajka, loses $0.40
Hibachi13, loses $0
joza111, loses $0
Baggers59, loses $0