Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Rosie has commented that I have not updated for a while so here goes.

Last time I said I had started a new job, and was on probation. Well, 3 months into the 6 month probation, I have been confirmed as permanent. Even better, I am now in charge of the whole site, which is nice. Just got the small matter of planning to deal with 30% growth, installation of new equipment, and improving customer service. Well, I suppose it is better than downsizing and making people redundant!

In my personal life, I have now been with my girlfriend 6 months, and am very happy, though my new job is a significant distance away from her. I am confident that we can deal with that though. I need to find somewhere to live closer to work now, because the 80 minute drive each way is killing me, never mind the cost of the petrol.

I am only getting to see my kids once a fortnight, which sucks. Some might say I only have myself to blame, but I am certain that ending the marriage really was the right move. People I see only occasionally are saying how much happier I seem. I certainly feel a huge sense of relief. I've bought the kids mobile phones, so they can both phone me whenever they want. Had a phone call from them last night.

I have managed to sell my old house, for not much less than the asking price, and for the same as I paid for it 5 years ago, which I suppose is a result really. Should be completing on that at the end of the month, which takes a huge strain off the wallet.

Thats it for now. Better get on with some work! Will try to post a little more regularly from now on.