Thursday, June 08, 2006

Diminishing Returns

My Pokerstars bankroll is shrinking. Over the last week I've only managed to make the money in about 20% of the games I've played. And finishing third or fourth isn't good enough at that level of success.

I've been trying to analyse where I'm going wrong, and I think it simply comes to chasing hands too much. I generally have a great record at showdowns, but every so often I let someone suck me in with a series of fairly small raises, which add up to a significant part of my stack, and that straight or flush never materialises. I convince myself that the hand is worth playing cos hey, I've got a pair already. Yeh, a pair of 8's. Not much good when the other guy has pocket kings!

I need to curb this tendency, or my bankroll is going to continue to diminish.