Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When I really should have folded...

For a change of scenery, I've opened an account on Party Poker. Iggy should get some commission. Played two single table SNGs, placed second both times. I did get particularly lucky on one hand, and I really upset the guy on the other end of the bad beat, but, when your name is Call Me Please, what do you expect?

I was dealt JKd in late position, blinds were 40/80, Seat 4 is in big blind, UTG folds, seat 7 calls, seat 8 folds, 9 raises to 85, 10 folds, then I raise to 130. Seats 2 & 3 calls, 7 folds, 9 calls.

Flop is Ad 4s 9h. I test the water with a raise of 150, and get two callers. Turn is Qd. It's checked to me. Pause. I need 10d for a royal flush, any diamond for a flush, any 10 for a straight. Do I go on? I raise 200. One folds, then a raise of over 600. I put him on a pair of aces. All I've got is ace high with king kicker. I should fold. What the hell, I've never had a royal flush, so go for it. The river is..... Ts. No royal flush, but an ace high straight isn't too bad at this point. I'm sure I've got the best hand. I go all in. The other guy can't believe I've called his last raise with just a draw, and so probably puts me on a pair. He calls. And shows Q9c, for two pair, I show my straight, and he starts to rant. I double up, he's left with a stack of 40, and goes out two hands later. Not a happy guy.

So, after two SNGs, two second places, and I'm 40% up on my initial deposit. It can't possibly last. And why second? Why didn't I go on to win? Because I'm impatient. I can't be doing with all the fencing involved in heads-up play. In the first match, I ended up all in with a pair of jacks and a flop of 2 3 K, and lost to a pair of kings, second match I really ran out of patience, went all in with A6 and ran into pocket aces. Maybe when I've got more time, I'll hold out for the win.