Friday, November 30, 2007

Mansion Update

My free $20 is now up to $65. Shortly after my previous post on the subject, my bankroll started dribbling away alarmingly - I couldn't hit a flop, and my bluffs weren't coming off. However, over the last week things have changed.

It started, strangely enough, with me losing a full $10 buy-in at the 0.05/.10 cash tables within 5 minutes of sitting down. Now, normally if I lose a buy-in I stop playing, to limit my losses, however, this time, I didn't. I bought straight back in again, and with half an hour I had won my $10 back plus another 10. Most of it came from two people. The table nearly broke up, and for quite a long time there was only 3 of us playing. One guy kept buying in with just $1, I presume to minimise risk, but I just kept taking that dollar off him, and he'd buy in again. I think that happened at least 6 times. The other guy at the table had around $15 at the start of this session, and I took most of that.

I am staying away from the SNGs. I just can't seem to make any headway there at all. The cash games, whilst providing less opportunity for one big win, allow me to steadily grind away, taking two steps forward, one back, without the tilt provoking bad beats which finish you off in a tourney.

If I get the bank roll up to $100, I'll probably step up a level. At the level I am playing now it is a matter of playing ABC poker. Don't get too clever, because it can go straight over the heads of a lot of the people at the table, They just keep calling, and they'll catch something on the river. Of course whenever you get dealt AA in the big blind, everyone folds pre-flop.