Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another door opens...

Back in January I wrote about the company I have worked for since I graduated 16 years ago being taken over by a large public company, and how I applied for, and narrowly missed getting, a General Manager's position at another site within the group.

Well now the General Manager's post at the site I work where I work is becoming vacant. It's sad in a way, because it means someone I've worked with for the last 12 years is leaving, but, it's an opportunity for me. I've been told by two other managers at the site that I should apply (people that report to the GM), also by some of the people that report to me now. Perhaps part of that is "Better the Devil you know!" but it is encouraging.

My CV didn't need much updating, since I'd done that in January, so the day after the vacancy was listed, my application was in. Closing date isn't until the end of the month, so I will be stewing for a while yet.