Monday, April 07, 2008

Return to the Bloggerment

Last night was the 53rd Britbloggerment on Pokerstars. So these have been running over a year now? Still lots of the same names there that were there at the start - BurnleyMik and Acorn of course, Rosie, AlEleven and Quixote8. Oh, and me too, but playing much less regularly than I was.

Congratulations to Acorn for taking it down; I came 5th, outside the money again, as my AJ went down to Cell's AK, as neither of us improved.

Things had started really well as, early on my pair of sixes met a flop of 633, and then, to my delight, two players went all in before me! That gave me the chip lead for quite a while, but it dribbled away over the next two hours.

I did manage one success last night, as I BurnleyMik put a $5 bounty on AlEleven. I took that as I rivered a straight to beat Al's pair. So I can afford to play again next week, as long as I don't donk it off at the cash tables before then!