Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dead Hamster

Got a phone-call this morning from my wife, saying that the hamster was dead. This was quite a shock, as it is only two months old, and it was running around on my hands the evening before.

Of course the kids were devastated, and went to school almost in tears.

An hour later I get another call. The hamster is alive! She had gone to put it in a plastic bag before putting it in a box to bury it, and it had moved. It was breathing about once every two minutes.

Turns out that because we had moved it from the lounge to the dining room, the slight drop in temperature, along with the lights being on less, had sent it into hibernation. A quick google for hamster hibernation, and we find that we need to warm it up, give it sugary water and mushy food. The warmth was easy - just plonk it down on the laptop PSU! Much TLC later, and we have a very grumpy, but awake hamster.