Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sporting a bandage

My daughter has joined a local athletics club. This involves training twice a week , with transport provided of course by Dad's Taxi. She is settling in really well, and can run far better than I ever could. The warm up last night consisted of a one mile jog before they even started training properly. She is only 8! The club has the 3rd ranked U15 800 metre runner in the country, and my daughter is wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Before training, she told us that she had a sore ankle, she had gone over on it at school. As you do, we jollied her along, told here that when she started running it would be ok, and, off she went, good as gold, completed the session, coach told her how well she had done, and then home to bed.

This morning we felt incredibly guilty as she limped downstairs, ankle sporting a technicolour bruise and swelling. So we had to send her to school with an elastic bandage and a note asking that she be excused PE.