Sunday, February 03, 2008

Saturday with Dr Pauly

Pauly has restarted his Saturday tourneys on Pokerstars, and the name of the game is Pot Limit Omaha.

Now I have a big problem with Omaha; intellectually I know only two out of the four hole cards count, but, emotionally, I see all those cards and get over-excited, leading to big mistakes.

Last night things were going pretty well, I was well up with the leaders in chips, not making too many donkey calls, and had outlasted a few players I know, such as ResdentEvil and Katitude. Then this hand comes along -

I am dealt:

Qh 8c 8s Qd. 

I raise pre-flop and get one caller.

Flop is

Qc 9s Jd

The internal donkey shouts "Full House" and I push all in.

One caller.

Of course I haven't got a boat, because I can only use two hole cards. In fact I only had a set of queens.

The villain shows

Kh Kc 2c Th

I am ahead. He has a pair and is drawing to a straight.

Turn is 4h. No help for him.

River is Ac and he hits his straight, and I bust out.


I might try again next time. Note to self - count to 5 before shoving!