Sunday, February 24, 2008

Britbloggerment 48

Played tonight, and things were going pretty well. Down to the last 6, and getting a bit low on chips. I limped with A9c, and, with a flop of Ad 3h Kh, I pushed. After some thought the big stack, PhillyStein, called, and showed A6s. The inevitable 6 on the river sent me to the rail.

Congratulations to the winner, jjay2005. The final table finished like this:

1: jjay2005 (watford), $47.50 (50%)
2: Oenone (Scotland), $28.50 (30%)
3: Cell 1919 (Leeds), $19.00 (20%)
4: PhillyStein (Elkins Park),
5: simonjjj (watford),
6: stephenrhall (Blackburn),
7: jd8119 (Bristol),
8: zagga (East Kilbride),
9: lisam8319 (Bristol)