Monday, March 17, 2008

Moving On

I've had enough. I want to do something constructive at work, not just plod along. There are so many things wrong in this Company, but nobody seems interested in fixing them, or in letting me fix them.

Last Friday I started phoning contacts I have made in the industry over the last few years. It's amazing who one knows when one sits down and thinks about it. I'm on first name terms with a director of the largest company in the industry. I know the owners of several of the smaller businesses well.

Of course none of these contacts matter if there are no vacancies. In these times no one can afford to create a position for someone; but, the word is out there that I am looking for a job. Hopefully if someone is considering expanding their team, they'll think of me. My CV has been polished 'til it gleams.

Speaking of CVs, a little addition to my interests is Athletics Coach. Turning up twice a week to watch my kids train is now expanding into helping with the coaching. Last Monday I was helping one of the top under 20 800m runners in the country. Of course he knows far more about it than me! I've sent off all the forms for the enhanced disclosure, to make sure I'm safe to work with kids, and I'm hopefully going on a coaching course with UK Athletics. Level 1 is just for assistant coach, but, who knows, maybe you'll see me at the Olympics with my proteges in 2020 ;)