Monday, June 11, 2007

Bye Bye Monkey!

Another Sunday, another Britbloggerment, and this one was tight! Nobody wanted to look after the monkey for a week (he's hard on the curtains), and nobody was taking risks. Eventually, after much stealing and folding all round, first out was The Edge! QQ beaten by KK. Pop over and say hi to the monkey. After that is was like a dam had burst, the relief not being first out loosened everyone's play, and more players soon left the table. Next out was Mike, followed by usual high flyer TanOrpheus. SuffolkPunch, who is off to Vegas shortly on behalf of The Sun and Pokerstars, was next to go in 11th place, as my JQh, with the help of a queen on the turn, beat his A6s. He's looking for small investors in his bankroll - got $10 to spare, pop over and take a look. Last to go before the final table was the better half of team Saban, Louise.

So, for the first time for a few weeks, I made the final table.

Next out was Weegem, as, short stacked, he called BMs raise to go all in with QK. BM showed AJ, and neither improved, putting Weegem out. A few hands later I was dealt AA, and raised 3BB. Kronsdat re-raised to go all in, and I called. He had ATo, which had been a very successful hand up to now, but got no help from the board. Out in 8th.

With the blinds increasing, and my stack falling towards the back of the pack, I was dealt JKo in the big blind. Spid raised 3BB, and I went over the top. He called and showed 88. The flop was blank, but a king on the turn put me in front. The following 8 on the river put me out in 7th place.

In 6th was PokerMunk3y, and out in 5th, after a fabulous run up to the break, was The Cloud. Nothing seemed to go for him after the break, but another final table for him. This weeks bubble boy was BurnleyMik! Whenever I'd glanced across to his table early on his stack seemed to be varying wildly, but once we got to the final table things settled down and his stack built steadily.

Onto the cash places, and ResdentEvil was 3rd. In second was Spid, after some solid play, and this weeks winner is....simonjjj!!!!. Taking stick throughout every tourney for his avatar, he kept his cool and took the title!

Turnout was down this week, only 14 instead of the usual 18 or 19, but it was still just as much fun.

This weeks league table! Only last week BurnleyMik was lamenting that he was behind all the regular players. This week he leaps up the table, passing Quixote8, Rosie, and weegem. Simonjjj takes the lead from the Cloud, and ResdentEvil moves up to 3rd.

Well played everyone, see you next week!

the_cloud71 42
TanOrpheus 33
PokerMunk3y 31
Spid 31
Al Eleven 22
BurnleyMik 22
Quixote8 20
Rosie_m_t 18
weegem 18
cadmunkey 17
Katitude 14
Pokerdwarf 14
lightning36 11
mauzj 10
Daleroxxu 9
lzfsb3 9
mikesaban 9
Sir Fortune 9
Kennl 8
sookraboaby 8
LepRecon777 7
SuffolkPunch 7
lousaban 6
S.t.b 6
countryk 5
a104l9 4
AlCantHang 2
4everleeds 0
mookie99 0
Neil Ross 0
wadhead 0