Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh what a night

Last night, playing a ring game, I found one of those players you never want to leave your table.

I'm dealt AA in the SB.. I've been burnt a lot slow playing aces, so I decide I'm going to be aggressive this time. This is helped by a raise of 5BB from middle position, and one caller. I reraise, and am called by UTG, plus the other two. Flop is 42T rainbow. I put in a pot sized raise, and am re-raised by UTG. The other two fold, and I'm left to think what UTG is holding. Hopefully he wouldn't still be in the game after the pre-flop raises with a middle pair, so I put him on something like AK or KK. I decide to push, and go all-in. He calls. A 3 and a 7 on fourth and fifth street, and he turns over Ts Qh!

He then buys himself another stack of chips. Two hands later I'm dealt QTd. I raise 3BB, and get two callers - my friend from the previous hand is one of them. Flop is 8d 7s Kd. My friend raises, and I've got the pot odds to call with my flush draw. A queen on the turn gives me a pair, but I suspect my friend is holding a king. He puts a weak raise in, and I call. River is 9d. Once again I put him all in, and he calls. He's got KTh, and I take the pot.

Again he rebuys. Three hands later I limp in MP with KQo. Flop is 8TJ rainbow. I test the water with a raise, and once again the only caller is my good friend. The turn is the card I most want to see, a 9. I've got the straight, and he re-raises. I go over the top, but finally he appears to have learn't a little sense, and unfortunately he folds.

I finish the session with 6 times my original buy-in, most of it from this one player. I'm not putting his name here because I don't want him stumbling across this and know I'm looking for him, and I don't want to share him with anyone else!