Monday, June 18, 2007

Here's Stephen, with the weather

It has been pissing down. I was supposed to be taking my daughter up to the local reservoir yesterday, where my brother in-law was going to take her sailing. I know you get wet out on the water, and that's fine, but I was going to be sat on the shore watching. As it happened, she slipped coming downstairs and bruised her back, removing any inclination she had for going sailing, and giving me a get out of jail free card. Typically, come lunch time, the sun came out, and I could have had a nice afternoon sitting in the sun reading. Oh well, a chance to get the washing outside to dry.

More rain again this morning, as I'm getting the electric scooter out of the garage for my wife to do the school run. At least it stopped for her to take the kids. She got soaked a few days last week, and sitting on a scooter, not moving (except by the power of electricity), one gets cold quite quickly.

Holiday in South West Wales next week, so hope the weather improves.