Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blog Roll

I've just got round to updating my blog roll. It gets out of date because, with Google Reader, I just click on Subcribe to add a blog to my regular reading list, but I haven't found a way to display the list of subscribed blogs on my blog. I realised it was out of date when I was looking back for a post I'd read recently, and the post wasn't on any of the blogs on my roll!

They're not all poker blogs - of the non-poker blogs I've added today, gamers amongst you may enjoy Penny Arcade, and there's some great non-poker related writing from Otis, of Pokerstars blog fame.

The post I was looking for was a from a poker blog, it was this one. It talks about reversing the conventional wisdom of playing extra tight in the big MTTs, instead looking to make gains early, and makes the valid point that its better to bust out early than on the bubble, as you have wasted less time!