Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dale who?

It's that time again. Another Britbloggerment over, another bad day for me; but a much improved result for BurnleyMik, as he not only made the final table, he made the money. A solid third place for BM. Unfortunately for him, he came up against a first timer in the Bloggerment, but a rather experienced player, the mighty Daleroxxu, winner of the 2006 Pokerstars World Blogger championship (by the way, what happened to the 2007 tournament, it was supposed to be an annual event?), who crushed all before him. Second was Weegem, giving us a Scottish 1-2.

Early on in the game Rosie and Katitude were running hot and playing good aggressive poker, and bullets were flying. 4 players went out in the first 11 minutes. Doing the walk of shame was ResdentEvil, going out in the same hand as xldane. Next a big shock as reigning champion TanOrpheus busted out in 15th place, followed by another player who has been flying high recently, Zagga. I followed shortly afterwards.

Having been leaking chips, I made a donkey-like push with AT sooooted, and was hit by Quixote8s bullets. Spid, Surflexus and Cloud followed me to the rail, and we moved onto the final table in record time.

Moving swiftly on, mainly because I missed what happened next, simonjjj was tonight's bubble boy, and BurnleyMik makes the money. He was to go no further however, as his great run was crushed by daleroxxu. Weegem took a fine second place, after hanging for quite a while with the short stack.

Heres the full result, and updated league table.

17 players
Total Prize Pool: $85.00
Tournament started - 2007/05/27 - 16:00:00 (ET)
Tournament finished - 2007/05/27 - 17:51:50 (ET)
1: Daleroxxu (Dalkeith), $42.50 (50%)
2: weegem (Falkirk), $25.50 (30%)
3: BurnleyMik (Burnley), $17.00 (20%)
4: simonjjj (watford),
5: Rosie_m_t (Bristol),
6: Katitude (Toronto),
7: PokerMunk3y (Bradford),
8: Quixote8 (London),
9: Al Eleven (Miami),
10: the_cloud71 (Hertfordshire),
11: surflexus (Kennesaw),
12: Spid (Timperley),
13: stephenrhall (Blackburn),
14: zagga (East Kilbride),
15: TanOrpheus (Jersey),
16: xldane (Aalborg),
17: ResdentEvil (glasgow)

the_cloud71 34
ResdentEvil 31
Zagga 29
PokerMunk3y 27
TanOrpheus 27
Simonjj 25
Al Eleven 22
stephenrhall 21
Quixote8 20
Rosie_m_t 18
cadmunkey 17
weegem 17
BurnleyMik 14
Katitude 14
Pokerdwarf 14
Spid 14
lightning36 11
Daleroxxu 9
lzfsb3 9
mauzj 9
Sir Fortune 9
Kennl 8
sookraboaby 8
LepRecon777 7
SuffolkPunch 7
lousaban 6
S.t.b 6
countryk 5
a104l9 4
AlCantHang 2
mikesaban 2
4everleeds 0
mookie99 0
Neil Ross 0
wadhead 0